Hi! I’m Tim, and I develop lifelong leaders.


I’ve always been drawn to those who are working on becoming a better leader – of themselves and others. Is that you? If so, we need to chat.

My time on the planet is best spent investing in the lives of others. I’m happiest when I can speak encouragement, inspiration and practical advice to people who don’t feel like they’ve got this leadership thing figured out. There’s something transformative that happens when we realize we’re all learning and growing on this journey – together.

I am the CEO of Lifelong Leaders, Inc. I recently stepped away from a position guiding a team of designers and content creators at Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores. I’ve worked in the corporate world, the academic world and the church world. I share that with you because I want you to better understand my commitment to your growth. Up until now, I dabbled in Lifelong Leaders on the side. Now I’m dedicated to it full time. This is a calling, honed and refined over many years.

I have four grown kids (adults?). They are the most amazing people I know. Boy, girl, boy, girl. That’s two pair. If I had one more, I’d have a full house. #dadhumorrules

I wrote my first online leadership article on January 12, 2005. I’m a Mac addict. I’m a P90X and P90X2 grad. I dabble in graphic design. Cut me and I’ll bleed Starbucks. And more than anything else, I love a good story.

There are a lot of different ways to get ahold of me. I list most of them on my contact page.

Wondering where to start on my site? Start with yourself! Then read this post and then this post. I try to post two or three articles each week on this site. My articles focus on personal growth, leadership development, and productivity. You can receive each post by email by clicking here or add me to your RSS reader by clicking here.

Let’s Chat

I would love to talk with you about your leadership journey. Send me an email. I answer every one personally. Tell me what your greatest obstacle is as a leader. I look forward to the conversation.