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What if schools were like Starbucks?

We offer 12 minute, video-led, mini lessons.
Designed to be used in any classroom subject once a week with no teacher prep time.

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What if?

What if each student understood that they matter – that their life is on purpose to give to this world? What if we could build a leadership academy in every classroom? What if the atmosphere in the classroom made morality and compassion easy choices? What if we offered the best speakers not just to the privileged, but to everyone?

Thanks to the internet, we have access to all the greatest thinkers of our time. We CAN build strong, emotionally intelligent leaders ready to contribute to our world.

Personal wholeness trumps everything else in the classroom. It is not just the missing piece in education, it is the fuel for learning. How can we expect anyone to learn about Biology when they don't know what to do with their pain? We can no longer fail to equip our children in ALL aspects of life, especially when it is so easy to access.

How To Use This Site


Click on Lessons to choose your grade level:
High School, 8th Grade or 7th Grade


Click on the lesson button to open a lesson
Each grade has 32 lessons, one for each week


Watch the video than work through the slides
Each lesson has a video and slides for discussion

Listen to Brenda Cheatwood-Diehl deliver the purpose and passion behind this project. She explains what led to the creation of this type of technology-driven social and emotional learning.


Teaching students leadership skills advances their future opportunities in every aspect of their world including building strong homes and strong careers. We can pass on the most cutting edge operational models from Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Pixar that have discovered the secret that intelligent organizations and profitable businesses are led best with compassion and love. Everyone needs the chance to learn to be strong leaders in our homes and in our communities.

This web site is entirely self funded for the sole purpose of starting a global conversation about shifting the way we educate.