When elected or selected for a student leadership position, the student leader serves for one year. This is called the student leader year. The student leader year has six seasons. Each seasons has unique characteristics and requires something a little bit different from the student leader.

Recognizing each of the six seasons is like having a special compass that guides you throughout the year. The seasons provide a sense of direction and prepare you for what's coming next. They help you get your bearings when you start living from event to event. As a student leader, the seasons guide you in your own leadership journey. Each season provides you with clues as to how to best lead those around you.
what are the six seasons?
  1. ANTICIPATION SEASON – The season of looking ahead.
  2. IMPLEMENTATION SEASON – The season of moving into action.
  3. FLUCTUATION SEASON – The season of overcoming obstacles.
  4. EVALUATION SEASON – The season of the gut check.
  5. DETERMINATION SEASON – The season of staying the course.
  6. SEPARATION SEASON – The season of letting go.
How can the Six Seasons benefit you?
  • You won't be surprised by the change in seasons, you'll be ready
  • You'll have a better idea of how to lead others during each season
  • You'll get to practice leadership skills you might never thought you needed
  • You'll know when and how to bring out the best in others
  • You'll have a way to talk about your leadership year that everyone understands
  • You'll know how to prepare and adapt to the changes that come your way
Learn Leadership Skills At Just The Right Time
Six Seasons Leadership Training focuses on five key leadership skills that can be learned and applied during each of the six seasons. Each booklet contains five leadership lessons that coincide with five core leadership functions of the Lifelong Leader:
  • Leading Yourself First
  • Growing Your Influence
  • Making The Difference
  • Creating Clarity
  • Getting Others Invested
The Six Seasons Leadership Training provides you with thirty leadership lessons that can be taught, discussed and practiced right when they're needed most. The curriculum for the first season – Anticipation – is available now.
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