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Every student leader gets one year. Within that year there are seasons every team must walk through. They flow from one into the other. There is movement in a student leader year with high points and low points. That’s why it’s important for each student leader to get a sense of the BIG PICTURE. If a student leader understands ahead of time each of the seasons, he or she will be better prepared to handle them and lead through them as they happen.

Presentation Outline

During this presentation, I will describe each of the Six Seasons, providing positive ways student leaders can identify and lead their team through each of them.

  1. Anticipation – This is the season of looking ahead. Deciding to apply, planning a campaign, looking ahead to what one will attempt to change, maintain, and accomplish throughout the upcoming year.
  2. Implementation – This is the season of moving into action. All the plans and dreams are put into motion. Student leaders quickly find themselves knee-deep in their position, putting their strengths to work, building relationships, and having fun.
  3. Fluctuation – This is the season of overcoming obstacles. Student leaders discover that things don’t always go as planned, conflicts arise, certain realities begin to push aside one’s idealism.
  4. Evaluation – This is the season of the gut check. Working through the fluctuation season, one discovers that the year may turn out differently than anticipated, that everything planned may not happen. Student leaders must take the time to figure out what’s most important or risk their success.
  5. Determination – This is the season of staying the course. Student leader come to a crossroads – to persevere or to walk away (before they’re done…before the year is over). It is during this season that student leaders must commit to excellence and if they stick with it, they’ll reap the benefits.
  6. Separation – This is the season of letting go. Every student leader leaves, the question is when? A student leader who stays the course will leave a lasting legacy that other student leaders can follow. How a student leader prepares the next generation of student leaders is vital to the health of the organization.

Target Audience

This presentation is intended for student leaders who are working with a team of people. I would recommend it for a high school or college-age audience. It is appropriate for both faith-based and non faith-based organizations.

Possible Formats

This presentation is designed as a workshop. The ideal workshop length is two hours. It can also be delivered as a keynote of 45 minutes in length.

Intended Outcomes

  • Participants will be inspired and motivated by what they can accomplish during each season of their student leadership year.
  • Participants will learn effective practices to engage in during each of the Six Seasons.
  • Participants will leave with useful resources to guide them through each of the Six Seasons.

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