Quick Summary

Before people can learn to lead others well, they must learn to lead themselves well. Time and again, the leaders in our lives have been removed or stepped down because they failed to follow this foundational principle: self-leadership precedes successful leadership. In this presentation, I explain why leading oneself well is so important and how to develop this ability on a daily basis.

Presentation Outline

During this presentation, I focus on 7 proven practices designed to help you lead yourself first.

  1. Bigger on the inside.
  2. Take responsibility.
  3. Embrace discipline.
  4. Choose a positive attitude.
  5. Motivate yourself.
  6. Be a great example.
  7. Less secrets, more feedback.

Target Audience

Everyone!! This presentation is foundational for every single person. It doesn’t matter if you hold a formal position of leadership or not. Everyone needs to invest energy into leading themselves first. I have delivered this presentation to wide variety of student groups and adults, from the classroom to the corporation. It is appropriate for both faith-based and non faith-based organizations.

Possible Formats

This presentation is designed as a workshop. The ideal workshop length is two hours. It can also be delivered as a keynote of 45 minutes in length.

Intended Outcomes

  • Participants will have a better understanding of why it’s so important to lead themselves well on a daily basis.
  • Participants will identify ways they can grow their influence with others by modeling these practices in front of others.
  • Participants will receive practical tools and techniques they can implement immediately to grow in this area.

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