When Will The Leader Emerge?

In my work with student leaders I’m often asked how one becomes a leader.

My first response: Lead yourself first. That’s a given in each and every situation.


But there are other ways that one can move into a the role of a leader – whether you’re in a position or not.

Here are some of my ideas:

A leader emerges when someone…

· sees a need and meets it.

· has an idea and implements it.

· creates an activity and organizes it.

· comes up with a plan and unleashes it.

· takes a project and runs with it.

· sets a team goal and rallys others around it.

· gathers a team and takes charge of it.

· encounters a problem and takes care of it.

· implements a vision and works toward it.

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2 thoughts on “When Will The Leader Emerge?

  1. good points… applies to the business world as well. I remember a pivotal incident in my career as a "young manager" in my company where I went and asked my boss (he was a VP at the time) to help me solve a problem by influencing other groups for which I was not responsible. He was right and I handled the situation myself (it wasn't easy)… but, since that moment I have stopped looking for others who I believe are in a better position to solve my problems. When you see a need or problem, don't wait and look for others to solve it.

    • Great example. And by doing that, you probably began to grow in your reputation as a "problem solver." One of the commonalities that runs through the list above is that the leader emerges by "doing" something. I think one of the obstacles that keeps people from exercising their leadership abilities is to look at something that needs to be done and simply say, "that's not my job."