tweedership_headerI have a short attention span.

So do the students I work with.

When I have a choice between “long and profound” and “short and powerful”…I choose the latter.

This is why I am placing my latest resource into the hands of every one of my student leaders this year.

Tweedership – Learning Leadership In 140 Characters Or Less

I wrote this book with my good friend and co-worker, Kenton Lee.

We also received a number of solid recommendations from people who read through the book prior to publishing. Here’s one we were excited to read…

“Tweedership is proof that inspiration, wisdom, insight can be found in small packages. Each “tweet” is a powerful call to principled leadership.”
-Jeremiah Shinn, Director, Student Involvement & Leadership Center, Boise State University (@booneshinn)

If you work with student leaders or leaders with short attention spans, I invite you to invest in their leadership development and put Tweedership into their hands. It will give them solid and practical leadership wisdom that encourages them to think like a leader thinks.

This book is a compilation of over 450 of our best leadership tweets containing insights, tips, observations and practical guidance. They encourage you to think bigger and bolder thoughts, live with healthier and more positive attitudes, influence the lives of others for the better, and lead with excellence.

Here is the promotional video Kenton & I made when we first released Tweedership in 2011.

Tweedership is available on