Book Review: Generation iY

Alright, for those of you who don’t have a lot of time, I’ve got the short and sweet review:

On the cover of the book, Generation iY, there’s a quote from Mark Bauerlein that calls this book “a must-read guide for parents, mentors, and teachers…” I wholeheartedly agree. So much so that I’m encouraging my boss to buy 30 copies for our Student Development personnel and everyone on our University Administrative Cabinet. This is more than a book, it’s a resource! Buy 30 copies and give’em to parents, mentors, teachers, and coaches.

There you go. If you’re still reading, then lets dig a little deeper into Dr. Tim Elmore’s latest book.

I’ll start by telling you that the beginning of the book, in fact, the premise that Elmore writes this book from…is depressing. It’s not good news. Elmore believes this generation, Generation iY (those kids born after 1990) are in trouble – for a variety of reasons.

The first chapters of Generation iY paint a picture of a generation headed for a trainwreck. Elmore describes the wide variety of influences that have resulted in a group of young people who are “overwhelmed, overconnected, overprotected, and overserved.”

When Will The Leader Emerge?

In my work with student leaders I’m often asked how one becomes a leader.

My first response: Lead yourself first. That’s a given in each and every situation.


But there are other ways that one can move into a the role of a leader – whether you’re in a position or not.

Here are some of my ideas:

A leader emerges when someone…

· sees a need and meets it.

· has an idea and implements it.

· creates an activity and organizes it.

· comes up with a plan and unleashes it.

· takes a project and runs with it.

· sets a team goal and rallys others around it.

· gathers a team and takes charge of it.

· encounters a problem and takes care of it.

· implements a vision and works toward it.