Is Foursquare One Too Many Squares?

I love social networking. I like the connections. I like the conversations. I even like the little “numbers” games that people play with followers and following (although it’s a little awkward to tell someone “I’m following you”).

There are so many social networking options out there. New opportunities to connect with people, with locations, and with great deals show up every day.

My tendency is to try and get in on something early. I know that I’m probably registered on more sites than I can remember. Not necessarily a good thing.

6 Ways I Use Facebook To Connect

Are we really friends if we’re not Facebook friends?

If you aren’t using Facebook, then I would like to invite you to join us here in the year 2010. Facebook is so much more than simply posting what you ate for lunch (or what you’re hoping to eat for lunch). While status updates are a prominent part of the Facebook architecture, there are some great ways to use Facebook to make connections with people. Both people you know and people you don’t know…yet. You can connect with me on Facebook here.

Tweet Early And Tweet Often

If you had told me 10 years ago that I’d be using words like “twitter” and “tweet” on a regular basis…I’d would have laughed at you.

In fact, I’ll admit to you that I still get a little red-in-the-face when I try to explain to people why I believe Twitter is a valuable tool and try to describe the benefits of “tweeting.” Mostly because they start to giggle at me. It’s okay. People probably laughed at Christopher Columbus too.