Divisive Speech

I was sitting in a session this morning, listening to the President of Trevecca Nazarene University, Dan Boone, share from his heart about something that he’s been thinking about lately…divisive speech.

He has a growing concern for the way we’re talking to each other. I appreciated his emphasis on investing in healthy relationships. He cautioned us on two dangers that can drive a wedge into the dialogue process between two parties. The first danger was when people only engage in dialogue in a tit-for-tat manner (he called it transactional). This occurs when a person says, “I’d be willing to do this for you only if you do this for me.” At this point, the relationship dissolves into a negotiation at every level.

Tajfel Saved My Team

Today I will be teaching a class entitled, How To Lead A SuperCamp. I’ve had a lot of experience in leading and directing youth camps and will be sharing some of what I know with students at our University.

One of the really fun elements of this class will be talking about Minimal Group Theory (MGT). This theory was developed by a British, social psychologist named Henry Tajfel. I didn’t really know anything about MGT while I was directing camps, but as I look back I can see it’s amazing effects.