One Calendar To Rule Them All

Continuing with the theme of planning from yesterday’s post (read it here), I want to share some observations about my calendar.

1. I have one calendar.
You might walk into my office and see a calendar hanging on the wall, but that’s not my calendar. The calendar that shows me the date on my desktop isn’t my calendar either. I am surrounded by gadgets and paper – all of them provide calendar information. But none of them are my calendar. My CALENDAR is Google Calendar (or Gcal). It’s the only one I use to keep track of my schedule and to note deadlines and timelines. One Calendar. If you have more than one…consolidate into one.

What To Do Today

Most of the time, when I lay my head on the pillow at night I am tired. But before I nod off to sleep, I will have this sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with what was accomplished throughout the course of the day. I know if I was productive or unproductive – if I did the things that mattered or was simply busy doing insignificant work.

It’s not to say that every day has to be filled with accomplishment and production. It is to say that I want each day to be meaningful and to be a good steward of the time I’ve been given. When you view each day as a gift, you want to treat it with respect, awe, and wonder. You want it to mean something.