Student Leadership Positions

Students can fill a leadership position through election and selection. But they don’t earn the title of  student leaders until they position their leadership through reflection.  In order to do the things a leader does, one has to begin to think the way a leader thinks.

-tim milburn

When Will The Leader Emerge?

In my work with student leaders I’m often asked how one becomes a leader.

My first response: Lead yourself first. That’s a given in each and every situation.


But there are other ways that one can move into a the role of a leader – whether you’re in a position or not.

Here are some of my ideas:

A leader emerges when someone…

· sees a need and meets it.

· has an idea and implements it.

· creates an activity and organizes it.

· comes up with a plan and unleashes it.

· takes a project and runs with it.

· sets a team goal and rallys others around it.

· gathers a team and takes charge of it.

· encounters a problem and takes care of it.

· implements a vision and works toward it.

One Last Shot At Influence

I met with a group of student leaders last week. The group was mostly made up of Class Council members who were coming to the end of their leadership positions. At this point in the academic year, schools are working through the election and selection process of student leaders for next year. That put all of these students in a kind of “lame duck” season.

As I spoke with them, my encouragement came in the form of a challenge to “do the things a leader does” one last time.