10 Strategies To Grow In Your Influence With Others

Welcome to Top 10 Week.

Each day, I’ll be publishing an article that includes a Top 10 list of ideas, tips, or strategies (like today) that will help you be a better leader. Everyone loves a good Top 10 list. I’m going to offer you some of mine and let you decide if they’re good.

One of the top skills of every effective leader I’ve studied or seen is the ability to influence others. John Maxwell has said that leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. So if influence is at the heart of good leadership, what can one do to develop it? Here’s some strategies to get you started and get you thinking:

1. Listen

I think this one shows up on every good list of leadership qualities. Think about it…most people assume that a leader’s greatest communication skill is the ability to speak. But that’s a myth. It’s the ability to listen. If you were to write out a list, the most influential people in your life truly know you and have been willing to sit down and listen to you. When we take the time to listen to others first, we gain the permission to speak into their lives.

What are some ways that you will not only listen, but show others that you’re listening?

What To Do Today

Most of the time, when I lay my head on the pillow at night I am tired. But before I nod off to sleep, I will have this sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with what was accomplished throughout the course of the day. I know if I was productive or unproductive – if I did the things that mattered or was simply busy doing insignificant work.

It’s not to say that every day has to be filled with accomplishment and production. It is to say that I want each day to be meaningful and to be a good steward of the time I’ve been given. When you view each day as a gift, you want to treat it with respect, awe, and wonder. You want it to mean something.