A Mistake Is An Opportunity

Let’s be honest – we all make mistakes.

Once you get past that (or embrace it and own it), there’s something good that can happen here.

Mistakes create opportunities.

Opportunities to laugh.
Opportunities to learn.
Opportunities to admit it.
Opportunities to make a change.
Opportunities to grow…smarter, wiser, better, ________er!

It’s really not about the mistake as much as it’s about your reaction and others reaction to it.

Making The Most Of My Drive Time

I have a 35-40 minute commute from home to work each day. That adds up to over an hour in the car with each round trip  (I just did the math in my head).

Now let me say right up front that the priority of my drive time is driving. There’s too many distractions that keep people from concentrating on the road. I’m a big believer in not texting (or tweeting) while driving. But these restrictions don’t keep me from using this valuable time in a productive way.

Am I Stuck Or Am I A Student?

I just read a tweet on Twitter (that just sounds funny) from a guy that was disappointed with the online music service, Pandora. Now if you haven’t tried out Pandora, I invite you to a great way to listen to music.

The gentleman was frustrated because he kept typing in the names of the band that he wanted to listen to and Pandora wouldn’t play music from just that band. He didn’t like it because Pandora kept playing music from bands that he had never heard before…but their music was similar to the band he had chosen.

That, my friend, is EXACTLY what Pandora does. Here’s what they say about themselves…