Living The Standard

We all have standards we live by. Some of them are based on the expectations of others. Some are self-imposed.

I recently unveiled a “standard” on our campus. This came about through various conversations and initiatives centered around the goal of creating a better student experience on our campus. We wanted to emphasize the potential in each person, as well as the capacity we all share for constant improvement. It was our desire to begin to change the culture of our campus by introducing language we could all use.

Thus, “The Standard” was launched. It simply says…

Doing your very best for the very best of NNU!

When we talk about a standard, we’re describing a rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgment. Coupled with the idea of doing one’s very best (def: of the highest quality, excellence, or standing) we hope to demonstrate the connection between each person who shares the common bond of being a part of this unique community known as NNU (Northwest Nazarene University).

Tajfel Saved My Team

Today I will be teaching a class entitled, How To Lead A SuperCamp. I’ve had a lot of experience in leading and directing youth camps and will be sharing some of what I know with students at our University.

One of the really fun elements of this class will be talking about Minimal Group Theory (MGT). This theory was developed by a British, social psychologist named Henry Tajfel. I didn’t really know anything about MGT while I was directing camps, but as I look back I can see it’s amazing effects.