I Completed P90X!

Today is Day #91 of P90X for me. It’s over…but it’s not over.

All I can say is…What a ride!


Near the end of June 2010, in the midst of a fairly mundane summer, I’d had enough. I weighed the most I’d ever weighed. I would jog around the block and it would take me an hour to recover. While I was pretty strong, there was no stamina or much definition in my muscles. In fact, I was beginning to think the only thing that would bring about a healthy change in my life was some type of crisis.

Some of my friends had gone through P90X before (or at least attempted to). I saw ads for the program during late night infomercials. I didn’t know much about it except that the before and after pics demonstrated amazing results.I really questioned if I was in good enough shape to start a program like this. P90X comes with a lot of disclaimers about the level of intensity it demands.

But I made a decision one day this past June – I had this exact thought: I need a mountain to climb.


Wanted to post a quick update for those of you who are interested in my progress with P90X. Today is Day #9 and I have been very faithful to the workout portion of this thing.

Last week, I was speaking up at the Northwest District (Nazarene) High School Camp. Let’s just say that camp food and the nutritional requirements of P90X don’t go hand in hand. I did my best though. I packed a bunch of protein bars and meal replacement bars. I even invited some of the campers to do Yoga X with me, but there were no takers (smart campers).