Ran Out Of Time

I once heard a coach, who was very optimistic about his player’s abilities, respond to a loss by saying,

“We didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of time.”

Unfortunately, no matter how you view the game coach, you lost.

Last night I was watching the 49ers play the Saints on Monday Night Football. I am a diehard 49ers fan. That’s a great thing to say if the calendar currently reads 1998. Not so great in 2010.

Last night’s game was actually pretty good. Even though the 49ers turned the ball over 4 times, they were in a position to win the game right up until the end (hats off to their defense – Patrick Willis is ahh-maaz-zeeng!). But there was one thing that kept tripping them up, and it haunted them even more in the first week against Seahawks – clock management.

Moving In The Same Direction

I’m wondering if success or winning or victory (pick your favorite word) is better defined by direction then it is by destination.

Sometimes we measure our achievements like reaching a spot on a map. But I’m finding that there is a greater satisfaction by the rigor of heading in a certain direction – a direction toward progress.

Simply said, growth is more pleasing than goals.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good to set goals. But goals are more like a spot on the map – they show me that I’m still headed in the right direction.

Growth is like traveling west: you can head that direction for the rest of your life and never arrive. (Interesting to note…you can travel north and at some point you start traveling south)

Two Reasons Why It’s Vital To Lead Yourself First

I sat in my aisle seat on the plane, preparing to come home. All sense of a personal bubble was gone. I didn’t even win the war of the armrest. Space was at a minimum.

The flight attendant squeezed past me and began the overly familiar safety demonstration.

“Insert the tab into the metal fitting.” Check.
“Locate the nearest exit.” Check.
“Seat cushion as a flotation device.” Still a bit damp…Check.
“Secure the oxygen mask over your own nose and mouth. Then secure the mask over any small children.” Wait…What?

How To Find Time

Sometimes I think that time is hiding from me. That throughout the day, a few hours here and there will sneak away and I’ll lose sight of them. So I end up with only 18-20 hour days. And I find myself asking, Where did the time go?

I think busyness allows time to hide from me, and poor planning, and perhaps a lack of discipline. Have you noticed how some people seem to accomplish a lot more than others? Have you ever met with someone on a regular basis and that person keeps showing up with new projects completed and new ideas implemented? I know I have…and I sometimes want to punch them in the neck.

But before I throw any blows, I want to ask these people how they do it. How do you find the time?