Spewing or Doing

We just completed our student leadership retreat – we call it LEAD.

This year we did something a bit different in our training. Each of us who spoke were given FIVE minutes and TWENTY slides. We got the idea from an event that takes place here in Boise (called Ignite Boise). So we spoke on a specific topic for 5 minutes while our slides switched every 15 seconds in the background.

I chose the topic of Servant Leadership. My talk was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes you teach by comparison…this talk used contrast. I’ve got the video below and inserted the slides I created to go along with it.

Let me know what you think.

Camp Won’t Change Your Life

Every summer, I get the opportunity to speak at two or three Jr High or High School Summer Camps around the country. It is awesome. I love camp. There are so many great things that happen at summer camp.

As a speaker, I tend to tell a lot of stories…that bring a lot of laughter…that make a point…that encourage students to make a decision in their spiritual life. There are typically a couple of key times throughout the week that students will find they want to make some changes – they want to live in a different trajectory.

I am always in awe of students who will do the hard work of looking at their own hearts and recognize they need to change the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are blocking their own growth. My message is simple – follow Jesus…put your faith and your future in God’s hands.

Not only do I get to share stories, but I get to hear their stories. They talk about pain, about poor decisions, about success, about failure, and about hope. They come to camp where the distractions of an overly busy life are set aside for a few days. As they hear and respond to a simple message – they make some decisions and those decisions count. Sometimes those decisions are considered to be breakthrough moments and sometimes they just happen as a result of quiet contemplation.

Near the end of camp, I always share the following with these wonderful students…

He Is Risen! Happy Easter!

Frederick Beuchner is one of my favorite authors. In a personal reflection on the effects of Holy Week that culminate in the glory of Easter, he writes…

“Darkness symbolizes that out of which faith can arise, that which faith must somehow confront. The great opponents, if you want, of darkness and light are brought together within a space of less than a week — the darkness of the crucifixion and the blaze of the resurrection, whatever that was. Out of this comes this triumphant hope.”

May today be a day of hope for you as you celebrate the wonder and mysteries, awe and power of the Risen Christ!