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My goal – every single time I step in front of an audience – is to create a memorable, meaningful and motivational experience.

"Tim Milburn provides a presentation where you feel like you have grown as a manager/person from being a part of it. I would like to see more presentations like Tim's in the future."
Tom, General Manager

"Tim is such an enthusiastic speaker! He does a great job keeping the session engaging. The information is really helpful on a day-to-day basis in developing my management style/skills."
Linda, District Manager

"I loved Tim's presentation on delegation and follow up. Tim always has so much passion and enthusiasm when he is giving presentations. It inspires us to be better leaders."
John, Operations Manager

I want to exceed your expectations
When you contact me for your event, I will make the following promises:

You’ll talk to me directly. I don’t work through a speaker’s agency.

I will work with you and your budget to help you create a memorable event.


I will help market your event, if desired, through social media and my website.


I will adapt my presentation to your audience to meet your needs.


I will followup with you to make sure we accomplished your goals.

keynote addresses
These are my top-requested presentations


How To Live As A Lifelong Leader
Being a lifelong leader is a lot like being a lifelong learner. It's a journey of growth, looking for ways to lead oneself well and as opportunities arise, to lead others as well. This presentation walks participants through the Lifelong Leader framework. No formal position required.

  • Discover why it's unselfish to lead yourself first
  • Identify where your true influence comes from
  • Learn to approach each situation with a mindset that can make a difference
  • Find out the difference clarity can make in your life
  • Expand your possibilities by creating a team that can accomplish more

The Rhodium Rule
Developed in the same spirit as The Golden Rule, this presentation dives deep into the power of example and the importance of self-leadership. The Rhodium Rule is a powerful guide for living one's life in a way that motivates, inspires and encourages excellence in others. The Rhodium Rule is "Do unto yourself, what will inspire the best in others."

  • Learn why an investment in you is an investment in others
  • Identify ways you can become the image in people's minds
  • Unlock the secret to earning trust and credibility with those around you
workshops / webinars
These can be delivered as in-house workshops or online webinars
every leader
Leadership Starts With You
Every single person is a leader of at least one person – themselves.
It is crucial that you learn to lead yourself well,
especially if you find yourself in a position to lead others, as well.
This workshop is for everyone, even if they wouldn't call themselves a leader.
business leader
You can be a great coach
Learn the three tools all coaches have at their disposal. Discover how your team learns and grows and when to apply each tool at the right time.

Managing You
Learn how to develop your leadership perspective. Develop the priorities for your team and business and learn how to get buy-in from those around you.
student leader
six seasons
Every student leader year has six seasons. Learn to identify the different seasons and how to lead well in each of them.

Student Worker or Student Leader
Most student government programs depend on student workers. Learn how to take your experience to the next level and develop your leadership skills.