E-BOOKS – Complimentary Downloadable PDFs

+ Help Wanted (and needed) – PDF 104KB

This short ebook encourages student leaders to ask for help when they need (hint: we all need it). Learn how to identify the intrinsic motivation in others and practical, creative ways to ask for help without actually using the “h” word.

+ Just Starting Out: 7 Priorities For New Student Leaders – PDF 2.2MB

This ebook describes seven behaviors that will establish your leadership right from the start.

+ 103 Ways To Add Value To People – PDF 277KB

This ebook lists 103 various ways you can come alongside someone else and add value to that person’s life. You’ll never be at a loss for ideas on ways to encourage, resource, or develop the life of another. As Zig Ziglar says, “If you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll be amazed at their willingness to help you get what you want.”

+ Student Worker or Student Leader – PDF 261KB

Most student leadership programs actually create student workers rather than student leaders. This ebook explains the difference.

+ Student Leader – Putting The Leader In Student Leader – PDF 1.3MB

It’s not really difficult to be a student leader. This ebook provides 35 practical ways that students can begin leading from right where they are.


FORMS – Complimentary Downloadable PDFs

+ Meeting | Planner | Organizer Worksheet – PDF 65KB

If you have difficulty running meetings, then this is the form for you. It will guide you through the before, during, and after processes of an effective meeting.

+ Weekly Schedule Task Planner Worksheet – PDF 41KB

I created this worksheet to help me gain an overview of my week and all of the tasks I wanted to accomplish.

+ 5×5 Training Worksheet – PDF 22KB

This is a fantastic training tool for time-strapped student leaders. You train them on 5 things in 5 minutes and then they respond to the material with various rankings and action steps.

+ Student Leader Check-Up – PDF 78KB

This is a whole bunch of questions you can ask yourself to see how you’re doing during your year. Take some time to evaluate your own leadership.

+ 90 Day Goal Planner – PDF 52KB

I created this tool because I wanted something that would help me plan out the next 90 days. Some people make resolutions for the whole year. I figure that I need to commit for 90 days at a time.

+ Little League Baseball Game Plan Worksheet – PDF 12KB

I created this worksheet to help me with my lineup and substitutions for the little league team I coached.

+ MyTODOList Cards – PDF 48KB

These cards are a simple paper and pen solution to creating an effective todo list.

+ Review/Reflect: Experience Evaluation Form – PDF 72KB

This form is useful for thinking through your experiences and learning from five different evaluation perspectives: redo, revoke, reward, revise, and recruit. There is a summary sheet provided to give you an overview of each perspective.