Ray Lewis Leadership In A Losing Locker Room

It may feel like a loss is based on one play. But it isn’t.
It may seem like the pain of losing will never fade. But it will.
It may look like you can’t bounce back. But you can.

Just came across this recording of Ray Lewis, middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and easily a Hall of Famer, speaking to his teammates after their loss to the New England Patriots this past Sunday. The Patriots go to the Super Bowl. The Ravens go home. The Ravens lost by three points. What makes it even harder to swallow is that they looked like the better team throughout the game. Listen in.

It’s easy to lead a winning team. Everyone likes to be on a winning team. But losing exposes who you really are. When a team loses, you get to see what kind of leader a person really is.

The truth is, crisis can build character. But it also exposes it. I love what I saw out of Ray Lewis. Respect for that guy continues to grow.

UPDATE: Got a link to the Ray Lewis speech unedited.

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