How To Become A Delegating Master

“The opposite of effective delegation is micromanagement.” - Wikipedia entry on delegation

The word, “delegation” is derived from Latin and means “to send from.” Think about it, you are taking the time to send the work “from” you “to” someone else. Effective delegation will not only give you more time to work on your important opportunities, but it also provides a variety of benefits to both delegator and delegatee.

One of the best ways to get others involved in your organization is through the process of delegation. But delegation can be a tricky issue for any leader.

The Culture That Surrounds Technology

Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to use social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin?

The reason I know this is because the internet is bombarded on a daily basis by posts, articles, and ebooks on the best uses of these tools. Shoot, I’ve even written a few “best practices” posts. Seems everyone has an opinion or touts some type of social media maven badge to show expert status.

7 Ways To Tweak Your Time Management

When it comes to time management, the easiest question is to ask: What time is it? You can go up to most any stranger on the street and ask that question and he or she will have some idea at a good answer.

The harder question is this: What will I do with my time? In response to that people show their knowledge in three different types of responses:

Is Foursquare One Too Many Squares?

I love social networking. I like the connections. I like the conversations. I even like the little “numbers” games that people play with followers and following (although it’s a little awkward to tell someone “I’m following you”).

There are so many social networking options out there. New opportunities to connect with people, with locations, and with great deals show up every day.

My tendency is to try and get in on something early. I know that I’m probably registered on more sites than I can remember. Not necessarily a good thing.

The Missing Ingredient In Listening

In one ear and out the other.

It’s a common cliche’ of a critique where a conversation (or perhaps a monologue) ends with one person feeling like the other didn’t listen.

They heard you. They nodded their head in affirmation. They even recited back to you word for word what you just said. But listening did not take place.

What was missing was the one element that moves hearing into the realm of listening. It’s called teachability.

Give A Smile, Get A Smile

There’s probably some scientific evidence to back this up somewhere.

If you smile at someone with a genuine, heartfelt smile – they will smile back.

It works 9 times out of 10. I don’t know if it’s an inborn trait or cultural conditioning. I know there are people out there a lot smarter than me who can answer all the questions about “why” this works. All I have to go on is my daily anecdotal experience.

Oh…and I should mention here – it seems to work with frowns as well.

Which Is More Fair?

Here’s another difference between whiners and winners.

A whiner will demand more equality.

A winner will earn more equity.

The feeling that life’s not fair is more of an excuse than a reason. Some folks want to be treated like everyone else or afforded the same opportunity as everyone else…except they don’t want to have to put the same amount of work into it.

I’m not talking about things like honor, respect, kindness, and dignity. Every person should be treated well.