My iPhone Home Screen

The easiest screen to access on the iPhone is the “Home” screen. You can get to it by double-clicking the main button on the face of the iPhone.

With that being the case, I find it easier to put my most used apps on the my Home screen. Some people call this screen: First & 20.

A couple of reasons why I like to know what’s on a person’s Home screen:

  1. I can see what apps are most important/most used by a person.
  2. I can find out cool apps I might not have tried or heard of.

So here’s my home screen.

  • Messages – the default iPhone SMS/MMS texting app.
  • Facebook – a great way to access Facebook. I hardly ever check it anymore on the computer.
  • Twitter – if you follow me on Twitter (@timage), this is what I use to post/read most my tweets.
  • Things – this is my beefy ToDo app. It syncs with my Mac. So easy to add/check/checkoff todo’s with this app.
  • Calendar – the default iPhone calendar app. I have it synced with Google Calendar. It’s okay, better than most 3rd party calendar apps.
  • Clock – the default iPhone alarm clock app. I use this one because you don’t have to leave the app on in order for alarms to work. Apple could improve this by letting you access your mp3 files.
  • Maps – the default iPhone map app. Awesome! I use it for directions, phone numbers, and just reminding myself where I am. Great app!
  • iPod – the default music/video app. Works great. Even plays music while I’m in other apps. Love the multi-tasking feature that enhances the iPod player in iOS4.
  • Simplenote – this replaced Notes for me. I got tired quickly of the yellow pad and Marker font in Notes. This app is clean and I use the free version which can sync your notes to the cloud.
  • Evernote – this app stores everything. If I find something I like on the web or want to save text, audio, or anything – it goes in Evernote. It’s a great place to collect information.
  • Reeder – the best RSS reader for the iPhone (in my opinion). Sleek, smooth, and easy to rip through my list. Also let’s me control my RSS feeds the way I do in Google Reader.
  • The Weather Channel – a free app that gives more information than the default weather app for iPhone.
  • YouTube – someone is always wanting to show me a YouTube video. Use it often.
  • Foursquare – yes, I use foursquare. I’m also the mayor of quite a few places. Does that make me a location geek?
  • Safari – default web browser for the iPhone. Works great.
  • FAVGames – this is like cheating. I put 12 games into a folder and place them on my Home page. Look for another post to find out what my favorite iPhone games.
  • The Bottom Row – These four apps are always visible no matter what screen you’re on.
    • Phone – That’s right – you can actually use your iPhone as a phone.
    • Mail – Email is just a touch a way (organizes and checks both personal and business email).
    • Camera – The iPhone has a great camera…and I use it everyday.
    • Settings – I’m always switching my wifi on and off. Nice to have this handy.

That’s my first and 20. What do you have on your Home screen?

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3 thoughts on “My iPhone Home Screen

  1. Hi Debra…love your additions. See!? You can tell something about someone by looking at their homepage. I'm trying to get our University to create an iPhone app. That would be sweet. Thanks for your comment. It made me smile.

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