Meeting Planner/Organizer Worksheet – Version 2.0!

Meeting Planner/Organizer Worksheet (click for larger view)

Every once in awhile I go back through some of the resources I’ve created and give them a fresh look.

I just updated what has been my most popular resource ever – The Meeting Planner/Organizer Worksheet (MPOW).

Version 2.0 includes:

  • A cleaner layout
  • COLOR!
  • Better use of symbols
  • COLOR!

The MPOW has been a wonderful tool for people who lead meetings. It is a one page PDF designed to help you cover all the bases – both before, during, and after the meeting. Many of the ideas I’ve learned for what makes an effective meeting have been incorporated into the information and checklists on this worksheet.

Check it out. Pass it out to the people who lead your meetings. Point others to the download link.

This resource, as with all my resources, is available on my Resources page.

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  • Leanne Golan

    Very nice work on this, Tim. I plan on using it!

    • tim milburn

      Thank you Leanne. Glad you find it useful. That was my hope.

      I also took a moment and perused your website. Looks like you have a great coaching ministry going. Blessings to you.

      • Leanne Golan

        Thanks so much Tim. I’m thinking of re-strategizing a bit in the near future to help more people.

        Looking forward to more great content on your site!

  • http://None James Pollock

    This planner is fantastic!! Thanks so much for producing such a wonderful resource! :)

    • tim milburn

      Thanks James. Glad you have found it useful!