Confessing My Typographic Sins

Photo by Sam Dunn

I just came across a great resource when it comes to common typographic “sins” that are committed by both designers and writers.

First off, props to Smashing Magazine and their periodic Smashing Newsletter for pointing this out.

The list is located on Ray Elder’s site (R+) and offers 34 common mistakes users make in typography. I admit that I’ve committed most of these sins at one time or another — some out of ignorance and others out of simple laziness.

Read the list: Typographic Sins

For example, the first sin is one that I repented of about 10 years ago, but I still see some folks committing this one…

  1. Two spaces between sentences.
    Repent of this sin by using only one space.

There is a downloadable PDF that offers visual examples of each typographic sin, providing the right way to do it alongside for comparison.

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