Signs In The Storm

The last couple of days have brought some amazing late afternoon storms. For most of the day it’s been clear and sunny, but around 5:00pm the clouds start showing up. Then there’s a wall of darkness that rolls in with 30-40mph winds and a lot of lightning and thunder.

I was sitting on my back porch when the rain started coming. While most people would run for shelter, I found it very refreshing to be outside in the whole thing. Of course, some would question my sense (my common sense) for being outside with all of that lightning charging up the dusky sky. But it was worth it.

Near the end of the storm I snapped this shot. The sun was setting just below the dark cloud horizon and all of a sudden…the rainbow appeared. Very cool.

Student Leadership Positions

Students can fill a leadership position through election and selection. But they don’t earn the title of  student leaders until they position their leadership through reflection.  In order to do the things a leader does, one has to begin to think the way a leader thinks.

-tim milburn


I just got home from speaking at the SouthEast Oklahoma Youth Camp. They are a district of churches within the Church of the Nazarene. Camp was held at Camp Bond – a great campground in Tishomingo, OK.

The theme for the camp was Biggest Loser. Yes…the idea was stolen from a fairly popular reality tv show. My initial response to the theme raised two questions:

1. Did they choose the theme and then consider who might best represent the theme in their speaker?
2. Or did they choose me to speak and then think about what theme might best fit for me?

I had some fun (poking fun at myself…some people are afraid of heights – I’m afraid of widths) with the theme and having to speak with the giant biggest loser logo up on the screen every time I got up to speak. The real emphasis on the theme wasn’t on one’s weight, but on one’s ability to let go (LOSE!) all of those things that would get in the way of one’s walk with God.