What To Do Today

Most of the time, when I lay my head on the pillow at night I am tired. But before I nod off to sleep, I will have this sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with what was accomplished throughout the course of the day. I know if I was productive or unproductive – if I did the things that mattered or was simply busy doing insignificant work.

It’s not to say that every day has to be filled with accomplishment and production. It is to say that I want each day to be meaningful and to be a good steward of the time I’ve been given. When you view each day as a gift, you want to treat it with respect, awe, and wonder. You want it to mean something.

Tajfel Saved My Team

Today I will be teaching a class entitled, How To Lead A SuperCamp. I’ve had a lot of experience in leading and directing youth camps and will be sharing some of what I know with students at our University.

One of the really fun elements of this class will be talking about Minimal Group Theory (MGT). This theory was developed by a British, social psychologist named Henry Tajfel. I didn’t really know anything about MGT while I was directing camps, but as I look back I can see it’s amazing effects.

Are You Paralyzed?

I just started with a new cohort in a course I teach on postmodernity. One of the first books I have them read is Postmodern Pilgrims by Leonard Sweet. Sweet takes the reader through the powerful effects of his culturally relevant E-P-I-C model:

  • Experiential
  • Participatory
  • Image-Driven
  • Connected

In the book’s Introduction, Sweet shares a great story…

My Favorite Twitter iPhone App

There are numerous iPhone apps out there that one can use to navigate and interact with Twitter. I’ve tried almost all of the free ones that I could find and even dropped a buck or two on a few. But I’ve got one app right now that’s my favorite. It’s the only one I use.

I’ll just say that the runner-up was TweetDeck. It was my app of choice for awhile. It did most of the things that I was looking for. Sometimes it was buggy, but I liked it. Until…

…I started using Tweetie.

Categorically Speaking

category 3 by ritchielee on flickrStarting a personal blog requires one to think about the various roles and topics that one might write about. The way you organize all of the random thoughts into some type of organized resource is through categories.

For me, I spent about an hour with my moleskine notebook writing down all of the various categories I felt like future posts might fall into. At the end of my brainstorming session, I had about 35 categories. Way too many. The next task was to whittle them down. This can be both liberating and bittersweet as you put a line through something that you thought for sure would earn a “category” ranking.


Uploading some pics to see how they look on the site. Trying to figure out the maximum dimensions I can use here. It looks like it’s 565px.

This image is one of my favorite background images on my desktop. It’s called “oceanside.” Nice and clean. Click on the pic for the VERY large version.

A Personal (but not proudful) Website

Some might consider me an “early adopter.”

While most people are considering whether they should even invest their time and money in the latest gadget or social media experiment, I’m trying to figure out when the next upgrade is available.

Yet I’ve been hesitant when it comes to developing my “own, personal” website. It feels a little bit like I’m the kid in the corner with low self-esteem craving for the least little bit of attention. But while it feels like that…it’s not why I’m doing this.